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Late is better than never.




Describe an interesting story you saw on TV(interesting news sample answer2)(转载)  

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Describe an interesting story you saw on TV(interesting news sample answer2)(转载) - MonicaQ - MonicaQ的地盘!

Describe an interesting story you saw on TV

You should say:

  • what the story was
  • when you watched it
  • who was in the story

and explain why you remember it

I'm pretty sure everyone got a clue of what "The Terminator" is about.

The story is about the war between Human and Cyborgs: A terminator is sent from the future to prevent John Connor being borned. John Connor is the leader of those who fight against the terminators. The terminator's job is then to hunt down the mother of the leader, Sarah Connor.

I first saw the film version at the age of six or seven and unsurprisingly it confused me. A few years later I caught it again on Television and loved it. I was browsing through New Oriental School's video stores a few months ago and it caught my eye and brought me back to childhood.

This is the most groundbreaking action TV back in the day. The story develops quickly and each character is different. I watched closely to understand what's happening and there's no way you could fall asleep.There are good performances and tons of humorous bits throughout the episodes that lighten up such a suspenseful, frightening story.

"Terminator" is an impressive masterpiece because it offers me food for meditation. Science now performs miracles like the gods of old, creating life from blood cells, or bacteria, or a spark of metal. But those are perfect creatures. And in that way, they couldn't be less human. We appreciate beauty, create art, obviously we all have weak moments, moments where we lose faith. But it's our flaws, our weaknesses, that make us human. There are things machines will never do.


  • Cyborgs 机器人
  • unsurprisingly 毫不吃惊的 无疑的
  • catch someone's eye 引起某人注意
  • groundbreaking 开拓的 创新的
  • episodes 剧集
  • masterpiece 杰作
  • food for meditation 值得深思的东西



这个一个描述人与机器人之间战争的故事.一个终结者从未来被派遣到现在来阻止John Connor的出生.John Connor是未来人类抵抗机器人组织的领袖.终结者的任务就是杀死John Connor的母亲以阻止他的出生.




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